Mission Statement and History

Eastland Title located at 69 West Franklin since 1972
Eastland Title located at 69 West Franklin since 1972

                       Our Mission

Being an independent Texas title agent representing three of the major title insurers, Chicago Title Insurance, Fidelity National Title Insurance,  and First American Guaranty Title Insurance , Eastland utilizes the latest industry technology, has a sovereign electronic plant for searching and has a well, cross trained team in our effort to provide our clients with the assurance their closing experience and policy coverage is the best in the industry.  Whether one is closing a transaction for any type of loan, cash or 1031 exchange sale/purchase, it is our intent to provide security, assurance and peace of mind the professional service and superior product we offer is of the highest quality.

Eastland’s History

The founding father of Eastland Title was Herman Eastland, Sr.  who gathered recorded data from real property records at the state capitol in Austin, Texas and in the Hill County  records  during the mid late 1800’s to 1931.  Herman Eastland, Jr. joined his father in 1919 and managed the company until 1953.   The next in line to assume the roll of owner and keeper of the records was  Harold Eastland who reigned until 1996, at which time his daughter-in-law, Tammy Eastland, joined the company as manager until 1998 when the company was sold.

Phil Adams, an attorney from Gainesville, Texas, purchased the title company in July 1998, with Donna Hubbard becoming manager.  In 2001 the company again changed hands, with Donna Hubbard’s purchase.

Eastland has evolved from a sovereign card index plant to an electronically indexed plant database.  By utilizing the most current and innovative title plant indexing program and escrow closing program, it has enabled Eastland to conduct our business with the utmost efficiency.  Security of our data is a very high priority and we regularly evaluate the software and hardware used to ensure your data is safe and secure.  Customer service and quality of product is our priority!

Serving Hill County for over 100 Years in providing real property abstracting and title insurance services.